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Weekend Downer: BP Oil Spill – The Board Game! | TIME

Jul 09, 2010· It's all fun and games until the Gulf gets destroyed by a massive oil leak. In the 1970s, BP thought oil spills were fine family fun. A board game released during the oil crisis some 40 years ago — likely aimed to drum up support for offshore drilling — is an eery shadow of what was to come.. The current owner, Alan Goldsmith, told the UK's Metro newspaper: "The parallels between the ...

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Jul 06, 2010· BP, The Board Game. Jane Wells | @janewells. Published 11:49 AM ET Tue, 6 July 2010 CNBC. In the "I'd never believe it if I didn't see it with my own eyes" category, BP once released a board ...


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Come2Play - Board Games. Free Backgammon Classic Board Games - Play PvP Games to Become a Backgammon Pro! Backgammon Pack : 18 Games. BP Board Games You can play 18 variants of Backgammon game vs AI,Online or Bluetooth ...

Rare 1970s BP board game promises oil 'thrills' comes back ...

Jul 05, 2010· A rare 1970s BP game – yes, that's the company badge on the box – promises all the 'thrills of drilling' offshore, with the first player to earn $120million being crowned the winner.

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Two to four players compete at exploring for oil, building platforms, and laying pipelines to bring the offshore oil back to the player's home company. Players take on the roles of either BP (Hull), Amoco (Bergen), Chevron (Rotterdam) or Mobil (Dieppe) in their quest for oil. As with other games focusing on offshore oil exploitation (e.g., Omnia's North Sea Oil), there is also the risk that ...

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MONOPOLY: Call of Duty Black Ops MONOPOLY: Call of Duty Black Ops channels the competition and strategy of capitalism in a challenge for top gunners to be the last operative standing. Inspired by the video game's episodic storyline, which starts with the original Black Ops' Cold War setting, embraces the ultramodern aspects of Black Ops III, and covers 4's new battle royale mode ...

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Each question has eight clues - the first player to yell out the correct answer wins the round and takes a step closer to becoming the ultimate "Smart Ass." The player who reaches the donkey's butt in the center of the board first wins the game. This is a fast-paced board game, so the losers will always have another chance to win.

'70s board game contains eerie BP oil spill scenarios ...

Jul 06, 2010· A nearly 40-year-old board game is getting a lot of new attention because of eerie similarities between the scenarios of its play and the 78-day-old BP Gulf oil disaster. The game BP Offshore Oil Strike, which came out in the 1970s and is adorned with an old BP logo, revolves around four players exploring for oil, building platforms and ...

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The first player to do so wins the game. Skip-bo the card game gets a modern makeover with bold graphics. It's still the same classic game which has been enhanced for a great mobile gameplay experience Skip-Bo card is a wild card and can be played to start a building pile or as any other number.

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Oct 15, 2016· Scouting Games Stalking Games Tracking Games Indoor Games Camp or Playground Cycists' Games: Bikes Town Games Night Games Seamanship Games First Aid Games Games for Strength On Trek Kim's Game. Baden-Powell's Games B-P's Adult Military Games Dan Beard's Games A. Mackenzie's Games G. S. Ripley's Games Ernest Seton's Games J. Thurman's Games ...

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Jul 06, 2010· Wow, BP once created a board game so that kids could vicariously experience the thrill of drilling for oil offshore and occasionally creating massive environmental disasters: They were trouble ...

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Back in the '70s, BP teamed up with a company called Printabox to bring us BP Offshore Oil Strike, an "exciting board game for all the family" which concerns drilling the North Atlantic for ...

BP's Oil Strike Board Game: Marketing No Kid Would Ever ...

Jul 30, 2010· The BP Offshore Oil Strike board game was born. This certainly isn't the first time a major company or industry group has targeted kids to promote its product.

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BP a game of supply demand and strategy. Welcome to Trading up! Trading up is a business game that tests your ability to analyze, anticipate and react quickly. Make the right decisions, and you'll optimize your profits. It's classic risk vs. reward at its best.

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BP Board Game From The 70s Ominously Predicts Oil Spill ...

The UK's Metro has discovered a BP branded board game from the 70s titled "Offshore Oil Strike." Letting players take on the role of oil tycoons, they face the "hazards and rewards" of offshore drilling. It serves has a hauntingly ironic prediction of recent events.

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Feb 05, 2021· Zombicide is a fun and easy game with cool miniatures in an archetypical, popular and comics-inspired environment. Ambiance is constantly balanced between beat'em up and survival horror as survivors keep switching from prey to predators.


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BP board game predicts gulf oil spill disaster

Jul 06, 2010· A BP board game called 'Offshore Oil Strike' from the 1970s may have actually predicted what is now being called the worse environmental disaster in our nation's history. The object of the game is to become an oil tycoon by digging for oil offshore.

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BP Offshore Oil Drilling Board Game Has Unfortunate ...

Jul 06, 2010· And speaking of BP, it seems that the recent tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico has spurred interest in a "rare" and "obscure" officially-licensed BP board game from the 1970s called Offshore Oil Strike. In the game (complete with surprisingly ominous box art), player must manage their own offshore oil rigs to rake in the big bucks while being wary ...

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Jul 01, 2016· Bop It! game uses move it motion technology to test players and see if they've got the skills to master Bop It! game. The ten moves are: whip it, drink it, selfie it, hammer it, answer it, cradle it, saw it, sing it, golf it, and comb it. The Bop It! game is a portable game for on-the-go fun.

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Dec 19, 2017· Racing Board Games. Source: Phlophouse. Formula D. Formula D does an excellent job of simulating the experience of racing (as far as a board game realistically can). Like many traditional board games, this is a roll-and-move style where you roll the dice and can then move the corresponding number of spaces on the game board.

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